AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-25Update to 4.4.1, now requires java-environment-headless>=11, thanks @MarsSeeddavidalb97
2022-06-01Update to 4.4.0, now requires java-environment>=11, thanks @MarsSeed!davidalb97
2021-06-03update to Apache karaf 4.3.2davidalb97
2019-12-17update to Apache karaf 4.2.7Alexandru Zbarcea
2018-12-30Update .SRCINFOAlexandru Zbarcea
2018-12-29Upgrade to 4.2.2Alexandru Zbarcea
2018-07-03Also, update .SRCINFO.Brian Guthrie
2018-07-03Upgrade to 4.1.5.Brian Guthrie
2017-12-28Upgrade to 4.1.4 with patch from alexz.Brian Guthrie
2017-07-06Update to version 4.1.1Brian Guthrie
2016-12-17First version of Apache Karaf package.Brian Guthrie