AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-17pick up package and bump versionPedro Silva
2016-09-17new versionXiang Gao
2016-08-05new versionXiang Gao
2016-07-29new versionXiang Gao
2016-07-24ver 2.1.0.SNAPSHOT.20160723.17084Xiang Gao
2016-07-18remove hadoop from spark-env.shXiang Gao
2016-07-18new version, change dependencyXiang Gao
2016-07-16new versionXiang Gao
2016-07-14new versionXiang Gao
2016-07-14fix buildXiang Gao
2016-07-12fix bugs in /usr/binXiang Gao
2016-07-12reduce the size of package/adjust build scriptsXiang Gao
2016-07-10fix maintainer infoXiang Gao
2016-07-09apache-spark-git, modified from apache-sparkXiang Gao
2016-03-22Bumping version to 1.6.1François Garillot
2016-02-23Fix SPARK_HOME settingsFrançois Garillot
2016-01-26Fix typosFrançois Garillot
2016-01-26Added SPARK_HOME in /etc/profile.dFrançois Garillot
2016-01-06Adding hadoop supportFrançois Garillot
2016-01-05Be more strict in ensuring compilation with scala 2.11François Garillot
2016-01-05Bump version to 1.6.0François Garillot
2015-11-19Add strict checking of maven >= 3.3.3François Garillot
2015-11-17Bump verison to 1.5.2François Garillot
2015-10-06Bump SRCINFOFrançois Garillot
2015-10-06Bump to Spark 1.5.1François Garillot
2015-10-04Forgot .SRCINFO ...François Garillot
2015-10-04Upgrade to Spark 1.5.0François Garillot
2015-10-04Initial conversion from old AURFrançois Garillot