AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-19Drop java upper version limitPhilipp Tusch
2021-11-27Mark compatible with jre 17Philipp Tusch
2021-08-14Allow Java version 16Philipp Tusch
2021-08-14Update to M17Philipp Tusch
2021-03-11Update apache versionPhilipp Tusch
2021-01-15Allow to use java 15Philipp Tusch
2020-04-26Upgrade to M15 and add missing dependenciesPhilipp Tusch
2018-11-16Use relative path to Icon in desktop filePhilipp Tusch
2018-11-04Update upstream version and allow java 8 to 10Philipp Tusch
2018-06-07Update upstream urlzokker13
2018-03-24Change mirror from us to eu since us seems donezokker13
2018-01-12Pin JVM version to 8zokker13
2017-12-04Update java dependency version to >=8zokker13
2017-12-01Move to actual .desktop filezokker13
2017-12-01Update version to 2.0.0.v20170904-M13zokker13
2016-11-18Fixed packageMassimiliano Torromeo
2016-01-14Updating .SRCINFOMatt Zimmerman
2016-01-14moving to M10Matt Zimmerman
2015-08-18Fixed desktop fileaur
2015-06-19Update to 20150606-M9allyourbase
2015-06-08Initial importaur