AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-09-08Upgrading to version 6.2.2-1Fredy García
2023-07-13Upgrading to version 6.2.1Fredy García
2023-05-26Upgrading to version 6.2.0Fredy García
2023-04-19Upgrading to version 6.1.3Fredy García
2023-02-01Upgrading to version 6.1.2Fredy García
2022-11-26Upgrading to version 6.0.3Fredy García
2022-09-21Upgrading to version 6.0.2Fredy García
2022-08-04Upgrading to version 6.0.1Fredy García
2022-05-27Upgrading to version 5.5.5Fredy García
2022-04-07Upgrading to version 5.5.4Fredy García
2022-02-08Adjusting service files. Adding install file to install appgate user/group. M...Fredy García
2022-01-17Upgrading to version 5.5.2Fredy García
2021-12-07Upgrading to version 5.5.1Fredy García
2021-10-28Upgrading to version 5.5.0Fredy García
2021-09-02Upgrading to version 5.4.3Fredy García
2021-06-17Upgrading to version 5.4.2Fredy García
2019-05-11Update to version 4.2.2Pawel Mosakowski
2019-02-10Initial upload. Version 4.2.1Pawel Mosakowski