AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-28Fixed, and removed appimaged no longer in sourcesJP Cimalando
2018-01-22Fixed appimaged systemd service file.jgmdev
2018-01-12Added cmake to makedepends.jgmdev
2018-01-03Fixed issues on appimage-git.installjgmdev
2018-01-03Fixed build and packaging process thanks to @ivanruvalcaba.jgmdev
2017-04-18Added vim as dependency and increased version number.jgmdev
2017-03-23Added wget as makedepends.jgmdev
2017-02-23Bump git revision.jgmdev
2017-01-28Updated PKGBUILD to work with latest changes on appimagekit git repository.jgmdev
2017-01-24Improved activation/deactivation of appimaged user service.jgmdev
2017-01-24Updated version to reflect the new commit that fixes the appimaged segfault.jgmdev
2017-01-23Updated srcinfo.jgmdev
2017-01-23Fixed post_install and pre_remove not using the username var.jgmdev
2017-01-23Merged upstream and fixed post_install/pre_remove scripts.jgmdev
2017-01-23Use new version of appimagekit.jgmdev
2017-01-23Checkout the master repo.jgmdev
2017-01-22new version with ozmartin pkgbuildAner Andros
2016-06-25Initial working version.jgmdev