AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-04-29Removed unneeded `pygtk` dependency.git user
2024-04-29Changed license identifier to SPDX compliant 'BSD-2-Clause'.git user
2024-04-29Added missing dependencies: 'libappindicator-gtk3', 'libayatana-appindicator'...git user
2023-11-01Added a git log tto the documentation.git user
2023-10-31Upstream version bump.git user
2023-03-10* Changed the way the source location is determined.dreieck
2023-03-10* Fixed upstream source location: Now works again.dreieck
2022-03-17Changed source protocol from 'git://' to 'https://'dreieck
2022-03-17Changed source protocol from 'git://' to 'https://'dreieck
2022-02-26Switched to Python 3 version, and some cleanups.dreieck
2018-02-12Adopted, and brought PKGBUILD up to date.felics@felics-tablet
2015-06-14initial commitThiago Perrotta