AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-02Bump gnome-shell and cinnamon versionsJoonas Henriksson
2022-12-15Bump gnome-shell and cinnamon versionsJoonas Henriksson
2022-04-08Bump gnome-shell version to 42Joonas Henriksson
2022-02-17Drop gtk4_version build optionJoonas Henriksson
2022-01-16Bump cinnamon version to 5.2Joonas Henriksson
2022-01-02Bump GTK 4 version to 4.6Joonas Henriksson
2021-12-12Drop gtk3_version build optionJoonas Henriksson
2021-11-18Bump gnome-shell versionJoonas Henriksson
2021-10-18Bump cinnamon version for 5.0Joonas Henriksson
2021-10-05Update for GTK 4 supportJoonas Henriksson
2021-04-09Enable building of the gnome-shell theme gresourceJoonas Henriksson
2021-04-07Bump gnome-shell version to 40 againJoonas Henriksson
2021-04-04Revert mistakenly made gnome-shell version bumpJoonas Henriksson
2021-04-04Bump gnome-shell version to 40Joonas Henriksson
2021-01-15Build with mesonJoonas Henriksson
2021-01-14Bump cinnamon version to 4.8Joonas Henriksson
2020-10-07Bump gnome-shell version to 3.38Joonas Henriksson
2020-08-13Bump versionJoonas Henriksson
2020-06-03Add custom variables for theme versionsJoonas Henriksson
2020-06-03Update for new upstreamJoonas Henriksson
2018-07-31Added replaces and conflictsNicoHood
2018-07-14Added additional make dependenciesNicoHood
2018-07-02Fix upstream source finallyNicoHood
2018-03-25Cleaned up PKGBUILD, synced with [community] package.NicoHood
2018-03-22Using new upstream, split solid packagefrealgagu
2018-02-26updating upstreamNoeljunior
2015-06-11Initial importNaukyo