AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-06Update to 2.2.6Martin Trigaux
2019-06-17Update to 2.2.5Martin Trigaux
2019-04-23update to 2.2.3Martin Trigaux
2019-01-17update to 2.2.2Martin Trigaux
2018-12-17typo in sha256sumMartin Trigaux
2018-12-17update to 2.2.1Martin Trigaux
2018-10-27update ardor package to 2.1.2Martin Trigaux
2018-02-17update to 2.0.14Martin Trigaux
2018-01-23update to 2.0.13Martin Trigaux
2018-01-13update to 2.0.12Martin Trigaux
2018-01-07Update to 2.0.11Martin Trigaux
2018-01-02publish Ardor packageMartin Trigaux