AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-15update to 24.05Dan Johansen
2024-03-20update to 24.03Dan Johansen
2024-01-20update to 24.01Dan Johansen
2023-11-10update to 23.11Dan Johansen
2023-09-29update to 23.09.01Dan Johansen
2023-09-20udpate to 23.09Dan Johansen
2023-09-04seems to require a library from the gtk2 package. Thanks @RiftDan Johansen
2023-08-18update to 23.08.01Dan Johansen
2023-08-13update to 23.08Dan Johansen
2023-07-30update to 23.07.02Dan Johansen
2023-07-21update to 23.07.01Dan Johansen
2023-07-16update to 23.07Dan Johansen
2023-06-01update to 23.06Dan Johansen
2023-06-01add openssl-1.0 dependencyDan Johansen
2023-05-02update to 23.05Dan Johansen
2023-04-25update to 23.04.01Dan Johansen
2023-04-12update to 23.04Dan Johansen
2023-02-25update to 23.02Dan Johansen
2023-01-11update to 23.01Dan Johansen
2022-12-11fix SRCINFODan Johansen
2022-12-11update to 22.12.01Dan Johansen
2022-10-14update to 22.10Dan Johansen
2022-08-23update to 22.08Dan Johansen
2022-07-26update to 22.06.1Dan Johansen
2022-03-02update to 22.02Dan Johansen
2021-11-30update to 21.11Dan Johansen
2021-09-01update to 9.44Dan Johansen
2021-07-25update to 9.43Dan Johansen
2021-06-25update to 9.41Dan Johansen
2021-04-02update to 9.4Dan Johansen
2021-02-20update to 9.3Dan Johansen
2021-02-05update to 9.1Dan Johansen
2021-01-17update to 9.0Dan Johansen
2021-01-11update to 8.34Dan Johansen
2020-12-29update to 8.33Dan Johansen
2020-12-15update to 8.32Dan Johansen
2020-12-01update to 8.2Dan Johansen
2020-11-08update to 8.19Dan Johansen
2020-07-20update to 8.15Dan Johansen
2020-04-08update to 8.12Dan Johansen
2020-03-15updated to 8.1Dan Johansen
2020-01-24updated to 7.2Dan Johansen
2019-12-20updated to 7.1Dan Johansen
2019-10-21updated to 7.05Dan Johansen
2019-09-16updated to 7.03Dan Johansen
2019-07-18updated to 7.01Dan Johansen
2019-05-27updated to 7.0Strit
2019-04-09updated to 6.8Strit
2018-12-15updated to 6.76Strit
2018-11-03updated to 6.75Strit