AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-22Ares v134 releaseSnowstorm64
2023-07-21Fix PKGBUILD for real this time.Snowstorm64
2023-07-21Fix patchSnowstorm64
2023-07-21Fix sha256 checksum.Snowstorm64
2023-07-21Ares v133 releaseSnowstorm64
2023-06-16Make Ares load the database properly.Snowstorm64
2023-05-09Backport build fixes into v132Snowstorm64
2023-03-08Ares v132 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-12-28Ares v131 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-10-04Ares v130.1 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-09-30Ares v130 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-07-13Ares v129 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-05-18Ares v128 releaseSnowstorm64
2022-03-03Ares v127 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-11-29Ares v126 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-11-16Ares v125.1 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-11-10Ares v125 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-10-15Ares v124 release; drop code for renaming ares folders.Snowstorm64
2021-08-22Ares v123 release; temporarily add code for renaming ares folders.Snowstorm64
2021-08-03Ares v122 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-07-08Add missing git package to makedepends.Snowstorm64
2021-07-07parallel-rdp is no longer stored in the source archive, now it must be downlo...Snowstorm64
2021-07-07Ares v121 release; change source to higan-emu/ares github repositorySnowstorm64
2021-06-29Fix building with GCC11, as _serialize is now reserved by the compiler.Snowstorm64
2021-05-09Ares v120 release; drop ares-libs.patchSnowstorm64
2021-04-02Ares v119.2 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-04-01Ares was looking for libraries in wrong location, patch it.Snowstorm64
2021-04-01It didn't load settings, revert locate() function in lucia/lucia.cpp to v118Snowstorm64
2021-04-01Ares v119 releaseSnowstorm64
2021-02-27Forgot to update .SRCINFOSnowstorm64
2021-02-27Use srcdir in PKGBUILDSnowstorm64
2021-02-21Ares v118 releaseSnowstorm64