AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-08-06Patch is now merged upstream, but keep the code for migrating settings.bml to...Mastergatto
2023-06-18Forgot to update hash in the PKGBUILD.Mastergatto
2023-06-18Clang and lld are now required for building Ares. Settings files location has...Mastergatto
2023-01-02Remove gtksourceview3 dependence, update upstream URL.Mastergatto
2022-04-02Fixed incorrect version.Mastergatto
2022-04-01Improve versioning system, many thanks FabioLolixMastergatto
2022-03-31desktop-ui/desktop-ui.cpp has changed, so fix the patch.Mastergatto
2021-08-07With v123 lucia will be changed to desktop-ui/ares, so PKGBUILD and the patch...Mastergatto
2021-07-08Add missing git package to makedepends.Mastergatto
2021-07-07Fix another typo, it should be good now.Mastergatto
2021-07-07Fix a typo.Mastergatto
2021-07-07parallel-rdp is no longer stored in the source archive, now it must be downlo...Mastergatto
2021-07-07First development version. (v121a.r1.g77110f15a)Mastergatto