AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-07Update to Argon 2.1.0Willem Mulder
2018-06-04Update SRCINFO, add gitattributes and gitignoreWillem Mulder
2018-06-04Depend on pacman-contrib for checkupdatesWillem Mulder
2018-02-13Change auracle → auracle-git to fix deps resolvingWillem Mulder
2018-02-09Update to Argon 2.0.4Willem Mulder
2018-02-09Update to 2.0.3Willem Mulder
2015-12-08Update to version 2.0.2Willem Mulder
2015-12-06Release version 2.0.1Willem Mulder
2015-12-06Porting over from AUR3Willem Mulder