AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-03update to version 14.2Wilken Gottwalt
2023-12-24update to version 14.1Wilken Gottwalt
2023-08-05update to version 13.2Wilken Gottwalt
2022-05-12Update to version 12.1Flávio Tapajós
2022-01-25Update to version 11.2Flávio Tapajós
2021-09-16Update to version 11.1Flávio Tapajós
2021-06-24Update to version 10.2Flávio Tapajós
2020-12-14Corrects runtime dependenciesFlávio Tapajós
2020-12-14Corrects runtime dependenciesFlávio Tapajós
2020-12-10Update .SRCINFOFlávio Tapajós
2020-12-10Corrects make dependenciesFlávio Tapajós
2020-12-10UPdate to version 10.1Flávio Tapajós
2018-10-02Update to version 8.2Ilya Lipnitskiy
2018-01-09Update to version 8.0.1Ilya Lipnitskiy
2016-02-24Update to gdb-7.11Ilya Lipnitskiy
2015-09-18Initial commitIlya Lipnitskiy