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2022-03-20Update to commit 353, changed link to clone with httpsMateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2020-03-22update to commit 125Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2020-03-20update to commit 108Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2020-03-16Update to commit 106Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2020-03-15Update to commit 102Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2020-03-04update to commit 100Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2019-12-14Update to commit 92Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2019-12-14Update to commit 91Mateusz Szychowski (Muttley)
2019-07-01Updated to commit 85muttley
2019-06-20Updated to commit 84Muttley
2019-04-24Update to commit 81muttley
2019-03-26Update to commit 80Muttley
2019-03-25Update to commit 79 - Proton supportMuttley
2018-03-25Update to newest commit 65.b4b40d89dfe840e0b0a4a8d83485d9e9b6e6d859Muttley
2017-06-09Bumped up build numbermuttleyxd
2017-04-03Updated to newest commitMuttley
2017-02-05Updated to commit 32.e2fe2c8Muttley
2016-11-25Update to commit 26.4040318muttley
2016-11-15Update to commit 23.245a237muttley
2016-11-07Initial releasemuttley