AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-02-19Release 0.96.5Jonathan la Cour
2018-04-27Release 0.96.4Jonathan la Cour
2018-01-04Release (0.96.4 RC2)Jonathan la Cour
2017-10-13Remove references to gitJonathan la Cour
2017-10-12Add symlink for binJonathan la Cour
2017-10-12Release (0.96.4 RC1)Jonathan la Cour
2016-05-07Update to goatpig's 0.94.1 release, away from Armory Technologies, Inc.William Grieshaber
2015-10-30Update source Sha512 package sumsmeZee
2015-10-30Upgrade to 0.93.3meZee
2015-10-30Update Contributors & Maintainers Shebang.meZee
2015-06-28Switch from `sha256sums` to `sha512sums`.meZee
2015-06-28Update to 0.93.2meZee
2015-06-03Initial importmeZee