AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-10-24Bump to v1.5.0Max Reppen
2018-10-04Bump to v1.4.0Max Reppen
2018-05-21Bump to v1.3.1Max Reppen
2018-04-16Bump to v1.3.0Max Reppen
2018-03-05Updated source, disabled stripping, removed dependencyMax Reppen
2018-01-21Bump to binary v1.2.0Max Reppen
2017-08-22Patched v1.0.0 bugs; updated dependenciesMax Reppen
2017-08-09Bump to 1.1.0Max Reppen
2017-03-02Update to 1.0.0.Christian Schwarz
2016-04-03Bump to 0.9.9.Christian Schwarz
2016-02-07Bump to 0.9.8.Christian Schwarz
2016-02-07Initial version 0.9.7Christian Schwarz