AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-06-15Init git submodulesDonald Carr
2017-06-14Bump versionsDonald Carr
2017-06-13Clean up packaging of artriculateDonald Carr
2017-06-13Adjust artriculate to package latest versionDonald Carr
2017-06-12Adjust deployment based on new application layoutDonald Carr
2017-06-05Remove false pi-launcher conflictDonald Carr
2017-06-01Adjust hardcoded pathDonald Carr
2017-05-22Correct dependenciesDonald Carr
2017-04-22Update to 0.3.4 tagDonald Carr
2017-01-31Bump version infoDonald Carr
2017-01-30Update to 0.3.2 tagDonald Carr
2017-01-13Bump versionDonald Carr
2016-11-15Update to version 0.3Donald Carr
2016-09-01Move to 0.2Donald Carr
2016-08-12Adjust src infoDonald Carr
2016-08-12Cross compilation is a useful beastDonald Carr
2016-08-11Conflict with pi-launcherDonald Carr
2016-08-11Using PKGBUILD for x-compilation is filthy stuffDonald Carr
2016-08-11Handle systemd service deploymentDonald Carr
2016-08-11Update PKGBUILD after reading pkg stdsDonald Carr
2016-08-11Introduce artriculate recipeDonald Carr