AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-07Back to old pathsJoan Figueras
2020-02-07Fix usr/bin linkJoan Figueras
2020-02-02Fix descJoan Figueras
2020-02-02Standarization of PKGBUILDJoan Figueras
2020-01-21Add pkgver functionJoan Figueras
2020-01-056.0.2Joan Figueras
2019-12-06New major version 6.0.0. Switch to GTK3. New compact layout and many more imp...Joan Figueras
2019-08-10Bump to pull latest features in RDP methodsJoan Figueras
2019-07-29Bump to load new featuresJoan Figueras
2019-04-245.2.0Joan Figueras
2019-04-09fix vnc optdependJoan Figueras
2019-04-08Added some optdependsJoan Figueras
2019-03-28sumsJoan Figueras
2019-03-28removed patchJoan Figueras
2018-07-235.1.0Joan Figueras
2018-02-13Push update to 5.0.1Joan Figueras
2017-12-20Removed fix-pacmanager-crash-getXWindowsList.patch. I can't reproduce it anymoreJoan Figueras
2017-12-08New executable pathJoan Figueras
2017-11-28Removed fix-xfreerdp-synthax patchJoan Figueras
2017-11-21Added a couple of patches from pacmanager-gitJoan Figueras
2017-11-20Initial releaseFigue