AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-07-10[fix] Support for Crypt::CBC 3.04 (#816)Joan Figueras
2021-06-22Asbru has issues with perl-crypt-cbc 3Joan Figueras
2021-02-18nmap to optdependsJoan Figueras
2021-02-17Added new optional/dependenciesJoan Figueras
2021-01-25BumpJoan Figueras
2020-06-08Remove old res-images, part 2Joan Figueras
2020-06-08Remove old res-imagesJoan Figueras
2020-04-15Fixed utils permissionsJoan Figueras
2020-03-23Update PKGBUILD to be fully compatible with any development branchJoan Figueras
2020-02-12Fix desktop file (again)Joan Figueras
2020-02-07Minor fixesJoan Figueras
2020-02-07Fix usr/bin linkJoan Figueras
2020-02-03Fixed desktop fileJoan Figueras
2020-02-02typoJoan Figueras
2020-02-02Fix descJoan Figueras
2020-02-02Standarization of PKGBUILDJoan Figueras
2020-01-29desktop sumJoan Figueras
2020-01-29Fixed desktop. Thanks wcasanovaJoan Figueras
2020-01-07Initial commit 6.1.0Figue