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2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2018-06-09Upstream has movedPeter Hofmann
2017-12-24License changed to MITPeter Hofmann
2016-03-26Bump .SRCINFOPeter Hofmann
2016-03-26Replace optional dep to python2-geographiclib with messagePeter Hofmann
As the message says, python2-geographiclib is no longer available as a regular Arch package. We instead now provide some pointers on how to install it.
2016-03-26Fix broken AUR dependency geoip-citydataPeter Hofmann
geoip-citydata was an AUR package which has been superseded by geoip-database-extra. The latter now exists in the "extra" repo.
2015-06-14Bump pkgverPeter Hofmann
2015-02-01asciiworld: Add PKGBUILDPeter Hofmann