AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-06-14Remove unneeded conflict entriesJustin Wong
2023-09-13Update .SRCINFOJustin Wong
2023-09-11Remove unneeded conflict entriesJustin Wong
2023-08-03Remove extraneous fmt files from packageJustin Wong
2022-12-29Removed aseprite/googletest from laf submodulesJustin Wong
2022-11-11Fix update to git submodulesJustin Wong
2022-07-28Disable lto in makepkg.confJustin Wong
2022-07-15Remove lldJustin Wong
2022-06-20Add Clang and lldJustin Wong
2022-06-19Add Clang notesJustin Wong
2022-06-19Remove ClangJustin Wong
2022-06-19Update source .SRCINFOJustin Wong
2022-06-19Migrate from python2 to python3Justin Wong
2022-06-19Update dependenciesJustin Wong
2022-02-12Remove shared modulesJustin Wong
2022-02-12Switch to Clang compilationJustin Wong
2022-02-12RefactoringJustin Wong
2022-01-06Update provides and conflicts arrayJustin Wong
2021-11-19Update skia branch and build flagsJustin Wong
2021-09-29Remove cmark from dependenciesJustin Wong
2021-09-29Remove more cmark filesJustin Wong
2021-09-29Remove extraneous cmark filesJustin Wong
2021-09-29Remove shared cmark flag in CMake optionsJustin Wong
2020-06-06Remove unneeded filesJustin Wong
2020-06-03Remove extraneous webp filesJustin Wong
2020-06-02Disable Clang flags for skiaJustin Wong
2020-05-21Add libxi dependencyJustin Wong
2020-04-20Add missing dependenciesJustin Wong
2020-04-19Fix build errorsJustin Wong
2020-01-10Update SRCINFOJustin Wong
2020-01-10Update dependenciesJustin Wong
2019-08-30Add harfbuzz-icu as a dependencyJustin Wong
2019-08-30Remove obsolete .AURINFOJustin Wong
2019-07-25Update SRCINFOJustin Wong
2019-07-25Add cmake as a build dependencyJustin Wong
2019-07-11Update dependenciesJustin Wong
2019-07-07Unroll submodules into source arrayJustin Wong
2019-07-06Remove python2 requirement from pathJustin Wong
2019-07-05Remove EULA promptJustin Wong
2019-07-05Slice off leading 'v' in pkgverJustin Wong
2019-07-05Refactor variable nameJustin Wong
2019-07-05Patch .desktop and mime entry to fix desktop integrationsJustin Wong
2019-07-04Use aseprite.desktop and aseprite.xml provided by upstreamJustin Wong
2019-07-04Use skia backendJustin Wong
2018-06-03aseprite-git: Some updatesNarrat
2016-09-12fix installationBenoit Favre
2016-09-02install EULABenoit Favre
2016-09-02update to reflect new EULABenoit Favre
2016-03-29sync with aseprite from aurBenoit Favre
2016-02-29sync build script with non-git versionBenoit Favre