AgeCommit message (Collapse)Author
2020-06-09Remove module version to avoid kernel version clashWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Upgrade to 4.24 and patch for kernels > 5.5William Gathoye
2020-06-09Add module version to differenciate with default moduleWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Use kernel updates folder to avoid blacklisting and name changesWilliam Gathoye
2020-06-09Use template from Arch Linux DKMS article as much as possibleWilliam Gathoye
2020-02-16Fix DKMS package build processWilliam Gathoye
2019-01-17Build against right kernel versionWilliam Gathoye
Fixes an issue appearing when the kernel has just been updated, and the module is being rebuild. Until we haven't rebooted, the module was built against the old kernel version (the one running at that moment).
2019-01-16Fix for kernel 4.20 as internal structures have changedWilliam Gathoye
2018-11-17Upgrade to 4.23.0William Gathoye
2017-06-10Get package features from asix-ax88179-dkmsWilliam Gathoye
2017-05-01Simplify dkms install. Remove unneeded version numbers.William Gathoye
2017-05-01Update maintainer, hashes and update to 4.20William Gathoye
2017-05-01Remove gitignore to be able to clean the repo with git cleanWilliam Gathoye
2015-09-20Version bumpAndré Ericson
2015-07-24Update to version 4.17.2André Ericson
2015-07-07Initial commitAndré Ericson