AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-14Include missing folder in packagingGr3q
2021-08-24Update to 2.1.30Gr3q
2021-08-15Update to 2.1.29Gr3q
2021-05-13Update to 2.1.28Gr3q
2021-03-11Update to 2.1.26Gr3q
2021-02-13Update to 2.1.25Gr3q
2021-01-14 Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD to 2.1.24Gr3q
2020-10-14Update to 2.1.23Gr3q
2020-09-09Update .SRCINFO and PKGBUILD to 2.1.22Gr3q
2020-08-13Update to 2.1.21Gr3q
2020-07-15Update to 2.1.20Gr3q
2020-06-10Update to new versionGr3q
2020-05-14Update to 2.1.18Gr3q
2020-04-16Remove makedepends, reorganise to be in line with other packagesGr3q
2020-03-27Update to 2.1.17Gr3q
2020-01-16Add provides stringGr3q
2020-01-15Update to 2.1.15Gr3q
2020-01-14Follow official packagingGr3q
2019-12-04Version 2.1.14 updateGr3q
2019-10-05Added PKGBUILD and SRCINFOGr3q