AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-12bump to 2.16Jeffrey Zhang
2023-03-12update to 2.15Jeffrey Zhang
2022-09-18bump to 2.14.0Jeffrey Zhang
2022-05-05bump to version 2.12.2Jeffrey Zhang
2021-02-24bump to 2.11.3Jeffrey Zhang
2021-01-06v2.11.0 is releaseJeffrey Zhang
2020-09-04config version variable during buildingJeffrey Zhang
2020-06-11follow the offical guidelines for -git packagesJeffrey Zhang
2020-06-11update to 2.10.0Jeffrey Zhang
2020-06-09bump to version 2.9.3Jeffrey Zhang
2020-03-31update .SRCINFO fileJeffrey Zhang
2020-03-31add -modcacherw to support remove filesJeffrey Zhang
2020-03-31init projectJeffrey Zhang