AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-08relaxed dependency on jdk8Julian Flake
2021-07-19UPD to 8.4.0Sebastian Lau
2021-02-09UPD to 8.3.0 and add mksrcinfoSebastian Lau
2021-02-09UPD to 8.3.0Sebastian Lau
2018-09-29PATCH typo in descriptionSebastian Lau
2018-09-29UPD description to fit other versions of astahSebastian Lau
2018-09-29UPD to 8.0.0Sebastian Lau
2017-09-27UPD dependency java-runtime to >=8Sebastian Lau
2017-09-27UPD to 7.2.0Sebastian Lau
2017-01-14UPD Email and remove hook commands from .installSebastian Lau
2016-09-29Update to 7.1.0Sebastian Lau
2015-07-30Initial importgS644