AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-12-11add qt5-tools to make dependsChris Rizzitello
2020-06-16move to inventChris Rizzitello
2020-06-16move to inventChris Rizzitello
2019-01-27 fix make dependsChris Rizzitello
2019-01-27makeDependsChris Rizzitello
2018-08-12sync version to srcinfoChris Rizzitello
2018-08-12 update srcinfoChris Rizzitello
2018-07-12update Pkgver formula as requestedChris Rizzitello
2018-06-13update VersionChris Rizzitello
2018-04-06Update versionChris Rizzitello
2018-02-15enable building on armv6h armv7h and aarch64Chris Rizzitello
2018-01-29update with newest build switchesChris Rizzitello
2018-01-20add doxygen as build dependChris Rizzitello
2018-01-20update for Documentation splitChris Rizzitello
2017-10-30added provides ('atcore')Chris Rizzitello
2017-08-04remove old kxmlgui and solid dependenciesChris Rizzitello
2017-04-28Add kxmlgui as dependencyChris Rizzitello
2017-04-12fix lisenseChris Rizzitello
2017-03-20update src infoChris Rizzitello
2017-03-20added requirement for qt5-chartsChris Rizzitello
2016-11-13Add CMake Option to build test guiChris Rizzitello
2016-11-10qtpaths --install-prefix to get install prefixChris Rizzitello
2016-11-09fix typo correct version #Chris Rizzitello
2016-11-09Update Cmake buildChris Rizzitello
2016-11-06update to install menu entriesChris Rizzitello
2016-11-05initial commitChris Rizzitello