AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-02-01New upstream lapack version (No new atlas) - forgot SCRINFOhenkmet
2024-02-01New upstream lapack version (No new atlas)henkmet
2023-10-30Set atlas version back to 3.10.3, the latest stablehenkmet
2023-06-26Updated buildMr.Smith1974
2023-06-26Updated buildMr.Smith1974
2022-04-21patch from #comment-861959Anton Kudelin
2021-11-08updated LAPACK to 3.10.0Anton Kudelin
2020-05-30New LAPACK + fixes for GFORTRAN 10.1a.kudelin
2019-11-15Added auxiliary linka.kudelin
2019-10-16a minor fixAnton Kudelin
2019-05-14Code cleanup, preparing to the next releaseAnton
2016-07-30atlas-lapack: new upstream releaseAndrzej Giniewicz
2016-02-25atlas-lapack: new release of lapackAndrzej Giniewicz
2015-11-21Fix for FS#47049Andrzej Giniewicz
2015-07-07Initial importAndrzej Giniewicz