AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 daysUpdate Jira to latest release 8.4.4Dennis Stengele
2019-06-27Update Jira to 8.2.2Dennis Stengele
2019-05-11Modify JVM values to represent Atlassians recommendationsDennis Stengele
2019-05-11Update Jira to 8.1.0Dennis Stengele
2019-01-10Add conflict to LTS packageDennis Stengele
2019-01-10Update Jira to v7.13.0Dennis Stengele
2018-07-19Update to Jira 7.11Dennis Stengele
2018-07-17Update Jira to 7.10.0Dennis Stengele
2018-03-07Update to Jira 7.8.0Dennis Stengele
2018-02-11Update Jira to version 7.7.1Dennis Stengele
2017-09-30Update Jira to v7.5.0Dennis Stengele
2017-01-22Update to Jira 7.3Dennis Stengele
2016-10-08Update to Jira 7.2.2Dennis Stengele
2016-09-16Update Jira to 7.2.1 and cleanup PKGBUILD to match atlassian-confluence packageDennis Stengele
2016-06-29updated to 7.1.8Rob Lynn
2015-09-28update to 6.4.12vlad
2015-08-25update to 6.4.11vlad
2015-08-12update to 6.4.10vlad
2015-07-29Update to 6.4.9vlad
2015-07-17Update to 6.4.8vlad
2015-06-23Update to 6.4.7vlad
2015-06-09Update to 6.4.6vlad
2015-06-08Initial importvlad