AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-09-20Depend on qt5-imageformatsThomas Lange
2022-03-16Use https for gitThomas Lange
2021-10-16CosmeticsThomas Lange
2021-02-17Depend on qt5-svg (FS#69644)Thomas Lange
2021-01-19Use autoreconf againThomas Lange
2020-12-31Use instead of autoreconfThomas Lange
2020-12-16Add config option for MesonThomas Lange
2020-11-30Add gtk2 dependencyThomas Lange
2020-04-15Use pkgver function from Arch VCS package guidelinesThomas Lange
2020-03-27Update to version 4.1Thomas Lange
2019-10-24Use more sensible pkgver() functionThomas Lange
2019-10-24Switch to Qt, make GTK optional, general cleanupsThomas Lange
2019-02-24Overhaul PKGBUILDThomas Lange
2015-10-10Update .srcinfoThomas Lange
2015-10-10Remove libguess from dependenciesThomas Lange
2015-06-09Initial importThomas Lange