AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-12-27Version bump 3.10.1Ted Alff
2018-08-13Version update 3.10Ted Alff
2018-07-28Version update 3.10-beta1: lots of qt improvementsTed Alff
2017-08-23Version update: 3.9Ted Alff
2017-01-24Update to 3.8.2Ted Alff
2016-12-31Forgot to update SRCINFOTed Alff
2016-12-31Update to 3.8.1Ted Alff
2016-09-26Version bump 3.8Ted Alff
2016-04-30Removed unneeded install file.twa022
2016-03-28Update to version 3.7.2twa022
2016-02-05Fixed dependency loop with audacious-plugins-qt5twa022
2015-12-29Initial commit.Ted Alff