AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysupgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-05-31upgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-05-29upgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-05-29upgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-03-23upgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2021-02-12upgpkg: auracle-git r366.8739929-1Leonidas Spyropoulos
2020-05-14Fix makedependsDave Reisner
2020-05-13Add systemd to makedependsDave Reisner
2019-10-22Drop depDave Reisner
2019-05-31Add perl as makedepend for manpage generationDave Reisner
2019-05-29Only pass --wipe to meson if the build dir existsDave Reisner
2019-05-28use --wipe with meson to better clean the build dirDave Reisner
2018-12-02Fix build prefixDave Reisner
2018-12-02Allow building from a "dirty" treeDave Reisner
2018-12-02Use --default-library=static to ensure proper linkage of libfmtDave Reisner
2018-11-22Bump version, drop nlohmann_json requirementDave Reisner
2018-10-19bump pkgverDave Reisner
2018-10-12bump pkgverDave Reisner
2018-10-10Run all tests, now that they're all hermeticDave Reisner
2018-10-07Only run hermetic testsDave Reisner
2018-10-07Add libsystemd depDave Reisner
2018-10-06Add unit tests to buildDave Reisner
2018-08-11Use arch-meson instead of meson directlyDave Reisner
2018-02-07nlohmann-json is a makedependDave Reisner
2017-12-02Add nlohmann-json as dependencyDave Reisner
2017-07-03depend on pacman instead of libalpm.soDave Reisner
2017-07-03Fixup depends, descriptionDave Reisner
2017-07-02upgpkg: auracle-git r8.89398f2-3Morten Linderud
2017-07-02upgpkg: auracle-git r8.89398f2-2Morten Linderud
2017-07-02Fixed auracleMorten Linderud
2017-07-02auracle-gitMorten Linderud