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2023-08-22Update from GitHub Actions: auth-thu: update to 2.2.1-1GitHub Action
2022-09-02Update from GitHub Actions: auth-thu: update to 2.2-1GitHub Action
2020-11-04bumpNick Cao
2020-10-16more fixesNick Cao
2020-10-16more robust loginNick Cao
2020-10-16fixed ExecStartNick Cao
2020-10-16added timerNick Cao
2020-10-09bumpNick Cao
2020-09-27bumpNick Cao
2020-08-27bump versionNick Cao
2020-06-16changed configuration pathNick Cao
2020-04-19fixing unit file pathNick Cao
2019-10-31rNick Cao
2019-10-31serviceNick Cao
2019-10-06initNick Cao