AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-08-23update to 0.6.11Luis Martinez
2022-08-08update to 0.6.10Luis Martinez
2022-08-03update to 0.6.9Luis Martinez
2022-06-20fix python bindings installLuis Martinez
2022-05-28update to 0.6.8Luis Martinez
2022-03-18update to 0.6.7Luis Martinez
2022-03-08update to 0.6.6Luis Martinez
2022-01-20update to 0.6.5Luis Martinez
2021-08-24update to 0.6.4Luis Martinez
2021-08-05update to 0.6.3Luis Martinez
2021-07-30add back catch2Luis Martinez
2021-07-30initial commitLuis Martinez