AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-01-20update MaintainersMark Wagie
2024-01-20use SPDX license identifierMark Wagie
2022-07-16revert previous commit, fixed with libnotify 0.8.0-2Mark Wagie
2022-07-15bump libnotify to 0.8Mark Wagie
2022-06-06remove conflictsMark Wagie
2022-06-06correct archMark Wagie
2022-06-060.96.0Mark Wagie
2022-04-15fix conflicting filesMark Wagie
2022-04-15standards based buildMark Wagie
2022-01-05minor PKGBUILD improvementsMark Wagie
2021-04-07add patchMark Wagie
2021-04-07remove shebang from python librariesMark Wagie
2020-12-16fix typoMark Wagie
2020-12-16use rm -f in case files don't existMark Wagie
2020-12-12split packagesMark Wagie
2020-02-170.95.10Dmitry Kharitonov
2019-12-080.95.9Dmitry Kharitonov
2019-11-18Python 3.8 rebuildDmitry Kharitonov
2019-11-090.95.8Dmitry Kharitonov
2019-07-21Moved python-setupttols to deps from makedepsDmitry Kharitonov
2019-04-290.95.7Dmitry Kharitonov
2019-02-12Initial import; updated the architecturesDmitry Kharitonov