AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-03-14Add highres iconEmeric
2021-03-14Update PKGBUILDEmeric
2018-09-13Update to v4.4.2Emeric
2017-05-21Update package to 4.4.1Emeric Grange
2017-03-30Update Autopano Giga to version 4.4Emeric Grange
2017-03-30add a gitignore fileEmeric Grange
2015-12-094.2.3-2: Changes about the source url (in order not to break the package when...FoolEcho
2015-12-03Update to 4.2.3-1.FoolEcho
2015-10-15Update to 4.2.2FoolEcho
2015-09-30Update to 4.2.1FoolEcho
2015-09-05Update to 4.2.0Yannick Lange
2015-06-06Update to 4.0.2Yannick Lange
2015-05-16Update to 4.0.1Yannick Lange
2015-04-024.0.0-1: move to Qt5Yannick Lange
2015-01-08First push for 3.7.1-1Yannick Lange