AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-09-18Fixed descriptionKlimenko MAxim Sergievich
2021-09-18Updated pkg descriptionKlimenko MAxim Sergievich
2021-06-13Updated pkg version in .SRCINFOKlimenko Maxim Sergievich
2021-06-13Update pkg versionKlimenko Maxim Sergievich
2021-06-13Updated .SRCINFOKlimenko Maxim Sergievich
2021-06-13Hide go init outputKlimenko Maxim Sergievich
2021-06-13Resolved go module requirements and checksumsKlimenko Maxim Sergievich
2020-12-14Fixed wrong package baseMaxim Klimenko
2020-12-14Changed repository linkMaxim Klimenko
2018-12-22autovpn-git: fix build in clean chrootAndrew Sun
2018-07-07autovpn-git: add provides and conflictsAndrew Sun
2018-07-07add autovpn-gitAndrew Sun