AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-06-15Upgrade `avdl` to version `0.4.3`Tom Tsagk
2022-02-18Update to version `0.3.4`Tom Tsagk
2022-02-10Update to version `0.3.1`, fix a bug that added asset paths twiceTom Tsagk
2022-02-10Add cmake for easier compilation, also minor bug fixesTom Tsagk
2022-01-07Update to version `0.2.3`, fixed localisation issue on compiled gamesTom Tsagk
2022-01-07Update to version `0.2.2` which fixes some compilation issues when making gamesTom Tsagk
2022-01-06Update to ersion `0.2.1`, with improvements in compilation of gamesTom Tsagk
2021-08-29Update to version `0.1.2`, which removes dependency to `freeglut`.Tom Tsagk
2021-08-21Update to version `0.0.7` and fix an error when compiling with `-j` during `m...Tom Tsagk
2021-08-21Update to version `0.0.6`, which fixes some minor bugsTom Tsagk
2021-08-06Update project's url, to point to the official site, which includes a link to...Tom Tsagk
2021-08-06Update to version `0.0.5`, which makes building the project more portableTom Tsagk
2021-07-30Update to version `0.0.3` which makes compilation smootherTom Tsagk
2021-07-29Make minor quality of life improvements to PKGBUILDTom Tsagk
2021-07-26Update to version `0.0.1` which makes installing games made with `avdl` more ...Tom Tsagk
2021-07-25Update url to point to the project's source pageTom Tsagk
2021-07-25Initial release of version `0.0.0`Tom Tsagk