AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-25fix Git URL, remove VTKEric Berquist
2020-11-23update gitignoreEric Berquist
2020-03-21version bumpEric Berquist
2019-05-14Depend on desktop-file-utilsEric Berquist
2018-03-31Force the use of avogadrolibs-gitEric Berquist
2018-03-27COPYING -> LICENSE, fix versioningEric Berquist
2017-01-14remove dependencies already needed by avogadrolibsEric Berquist
2015-10-26Update package versioning.Eric Berquist
2015-08-01Change the directory name we clone the source into.Eric Berquist
2015-07-24Initial commit.Eric Berquist