AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
6 daysRequire python-cclibEric Berquist
2018-09-06Force git version of libmsym, jsoncpp no longer installedEric Berquist
2018-05-11CMake naming patch no longer necessaryEric Berquist
2018-04-06Enable usage of libmsymEric Berquist
2018-03-31VTK secretly requires additional optional librariesEric Berquist
2018-03-31COPYING -> LICENSE, fix versioning, require VTKEric Berquist
2017-01-21Don't install bundled jsoncppEric Berquist
2017-01-14was finding Python 2 rather than 3Eric Berquist
2017-01-14fixes for spglibEric Berquist
2015-10-26Update package versioning.Eric Berquist
2015-07-24Initial commit.Eric Berquist