AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-23Bump to v1.10.0Andrew Nelless
2020-02-22Bump to v1.9.2Andrew Nelless
2020-02-22Revert "Bump to v1.9.2-rc1"Andrew Nelless
2020-02-06Bump to v1.9.2-rc1Andrew Nelless
2019-09-09Bump versionAndrew Nelless
2019-09-01Bump version to v1.9.0Andrew Nelless
2017-09-22Boost rebuildAndrew Nelless
2017-07-26Update to v1.8.2Andrew Nelless
2016-10-31Trigger rebuild for Boost 1.62.0Andrew Nelless
2016-07-02Update to v1.8.1Andrew Nelless
2016-02-041.8.0 releaseAndrew Nelless
2016-02-04*sigh* Forgot .SRCINFOAndrew Nelless
2016-02-04Update for Boost 1.60Andrew Nelless
2015-12-28Fix build against Boost 1.60Andrew Nelless
2015-07-04Remove accidental inclusion of tarballAndrew Nelless
2015-06-18Import from AUR3Andrew Nelless