AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-02-27Fix startup for GNOME 3.34.x: update .SRCINFO.Stanislav T
2020-02-27Fix startup for GNOME 3.34.x.Stanislav T
2018-04-01Remove gnome shell componentsTrần Đức Nam
2018-04-01Remove A11Keyboard from GNOME 3.28Trần Đức Nam
2017-12-07Change md5sum of fileTrần Đức Nam
2017-11-07Remove outdated componentsTrần Đức Nam
2017-04-25New declaring require component methodTrần Đức Nam
2017-04-25Okay I forget to add SRCINFOTrần Đức Nam
2017-04-25Restriction version of GNOMETrần Đức Nam
2016-06-19Awesome WM in GnomeTrần Đức Nam