AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-10-06upgpkg: awl 0.6.3-1George Rawlinson
2021-04-12upgpkg: awl 0.62-1George Rawlinson
2020-04-26upgpkg: awl 0.61-1George Rawlinson
2019-10-24build: remove makedepends from package* functionsGeorge Rawlinson
2019-04-15fix: package version missingGeorge Rawlinson
2019-04-15build: split documentation into own packageGeorge Rawlinson
2019-04-15update to 0.60Thore Bödecker
2018-02-13update to awl 0.59Thore Bödecker
2017-09-15add missing dba directory to packageThore Bödecker
2017-05-10switch to more secure checksumsThore Boedecker
2017-05-08fix docs locationThore Boedecker
2017-05-08further optimize source urlThore Boedecker
2017-05-08fix arch, fix deps, fix source, compact .installThore Boedecker
2017-05-08fix deps, fix doc gen, improve packagingThore Boedecker
2016-07-31Skipped checksumschristopherloen
2016-06-27Adopted and ver0.57Loen
2016-01-17upgpkg: awl 0.56-2Stefan Tatschner
2016-01-17upgpkg: awl 0.56-1Stefan Tatschner
2016-01-17upgpkg: awl 0.56-1Stefan Tatschner
2015-06-29Initial upload: awl 0.55-1Stefan Tatschner