AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-08-15Updated: awless 0.1.11-1Dmitri Goutnik
2018-04-25Updated: awless 0.1.10-1Dmitri Goutnik
2018-03-14Make sure all deps are downloaded in prepare(), not in build(); some cosmetic...Dmitri Goutnik
2018-01-27Styling tweaksDmitri Goutnik
2018-01-22Updated: awless 0.1.9-1Dmitri Goutnik
2017-12-02Change contribution info prior to disowningTom Tobin
2017-11-25Update to awless 0.1.7Tom Tobin
2017-11-19Update to awless 0.1.6Tom Tobin
2017-10-06Update to awless 0.1.5Tom X. Tobin
2017-09-23Update to awless 0.1.4Tom X. Tobin
2017-09-08Update to awless 0.1.3Tom X. Tobin
2017-08-18Update to awless 0.1.2Tom X. Tobin
2017-07-23Update to awless 0.1.1Tom X. Tobin
2017-05-31Update to awless 0.1.0Tom X. Tobin
2017-05-26Update to awless 0.0.25Tom X. Tobin
2017-05-22Update to awless 0.0.24Tom X. Tobin
2017-05-08Update to awless 0.0.23Tom X. Tobin
2017-04-19Update to awless 0.0.22Tom X. Tobin
2017-03-29Update to awless 0.0.21Tom X. Tobin
2017-03-04Update to awless 0.0.16Tom X. Tobin
2017-02-28Update to awless 0.0.15Tom X. Tobin
2017-02-27Update to awless 0.0.14Tom X. Tobin
2017-02-19Initial commit of awless 0.0.13Tom X. Tobin