AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-03-03Added bumpversion.shMike Hicklen
2023-01-17Update to v0.6.2Mike Hicklen
2022-07-08Fix sha512sumMike Hicklen
2022-07-08Update to 0.5.9Mike Hicklen
2022-04-11Fix sha512sumMike Hicklen
2022-04-11Update to 0.5.7Mike Hicklen
2022-03-29Update to 0.5.5Mike Hicklen
2020-10-06Update to 0.5.2David Birks
2020-07-01Update to 0.5.1David Birks
2020-04-30Update to 0.5.0David Birks
2020-01-14Add aarch64 as a supported architectureDavid Birks
2019-07-16Initial upload of 0.4.0David Birks