AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-07-24Update to version 1.0.4William Snyders
2020-07-22Update to version 1.0.3William Snyders
2020-03-20Update to version 1.0.2William Snyders
2020-02-20Update to version 1.0.1William Snyders
2020-01-21Update to version 1.0.0William Snyders
2019-11-15Update to 0.27.0William Snyders
2019-10-30Update to version 0.26.3William Snyders
2019-10-21Use license from versionWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21Update SRCINFOWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21Final nit-pick clean upWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21include the licence in the packageWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21Correct sourceWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21Clean up provides fieldWilliam Snyders
2019-10-21First PKGBUILD at v0.26.0William Snyders