AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2023-11-22Bump version to 4.11.7westpain
2023-11-17Hardest decision in my lifewestpain
2023-10-29forgot to regenerate .SRCINFOwestpain
2023-10-29bump version to 4.11.1westpain
2023-10-16made some improvements, thanks to MarsSeedwestpain
2023-10-15bump to 4.10.2 commit 464a36b, breaking changeswestpain
2023-09-12bump commit to ba93a50westpain
2023-09-06bump to 4.9.4 commit f668c8d, fix PKGBUILDwestpain
2023-08-29bump versionDr4iv3rNope
2023-08-29remove patchDr4iv3rNope
2023-08-28update .SRCINFODr4iv3rNope
2023-08-28bump versionDr4iv3rNope
2023-08-28add patchDr4iv3rNope
2023-08-28fix patchesDr4iv3rNope
2023-08-27bump to 4.9.3 commit 58e1c9fwestpain
2023-08-27change some cmake argumentswestpain
2023-08-25added co-maintainerwestpain
2023-08-25move rnnoise to optional dependswestpain
2023-08-22ayugram doesnt conflict with telegramwestpain
2023-08-22added boost and fmt back to makedepends & removed boost-libs like telegram de...westpain
2023-08-22added fmt and moved boost to main dependswestpain
2023-08-22no one knows why I need to add 3 to sqlitewestpain
2023-08-22added boost, boost-libs and sqlitewestpain
2023-08-22corrected some fusswestpain
2023-08-22full PKGBUILD rebasewestpain
2023-08-21possible fix for GSL errorswestpain
2023-08-21switched to ayugram libs (users wanna kill me, help)westpain
2023-08-21removed sponsored messages patch cuz uselesswestpain
2023-08-21whoops, made a typowestpain
2023-08-21published to aurwestpain