AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-05-22feat: add shell completionsBESANCON Vincent
2024-05-22feat: bump to 2.3.0BESANCON Vincent
2024-05-15feat(release): bump to 2.2.1BESANCON Vincent
2024-01-30feat(release): bump to 2.2.0BESANCON Vincent
2024-01-30feat(core): auto update checksum in PKGBUILDBESANCON Vincent
2024-01-30feat(release): check versions with `nvchecker`BESANCON Vincent
2024-01-02feat: bump to 2.1.2BESANCON Vincent
2023-08-30feat: bump to 2.1.0BESANCON Vincent
2023-08-10feat: bump to 2.0.5BESANCON Vincent
2023-03-04Merge pull request #5 from yanboyang713/masterVincent Besançon
2023-03-03upgrade to 2.0.2Boyang Yan
2022-12-29fix: missing `fusermount` when unmountingBESANCON Vincent
2022-12-05docs: add a readmeBESANCON Vincent
2022-12-05feat: migrate to blobfuse2BESANCON Vincent
2022-11-08chore: rebuild for boost 1.80BESANCON Vincent
2022-08-27feat: bump blobfuse to v1.4.5BESANCON Vincent
2022-06-28chore: add patch related target (future)BESANCON Vincent
2022-06-28feat: bump blobfuse to v1.4.4BESANCON Vincent
2022-01-22feat: bump blobfuse to v1.4.3BESANCON Vincent
2022-01-22chore: add checksum compute targetBESANCON Vincent
2022-01-22chore: check deps pkg before suppressBESANCON Vincent
2021-11-19feat: bump blobfuse to v1.4.2BESANCON Vincent
2021-11-19chore: add make targetsBESANCON Vincent
2021-11-19chore: add editorconfigBESANCON Vincent
2021-09-24chore: missed srcinfoBESANCON Vincent
2021-09-24feat: add updates for blobfuse v1.4.1BESANCON Vincent