AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-06-14Update to 0.7.1Martchus
2020-06-02Update to 0.7.0Martchus
2020-01-31Add PHP 7.4 patchMartchus
2019-11-30Update to 0.6.1, patch PHP 7.4 supportMartchus
2019-09-30Add patch to fix issue with Thunderbird address bookMartchus
2019-08-27Update to 0.6.0Martchus
2019-05-27Upgrade to 0.5.3Florian Bruhin
2019-05-27Remove initial DB setupFlorian Bruhin
2019-05-01Upgrade to Baikal 0.5.2Florian Bruhin
2017-06-19Add patch for auth bypassFlorian Bruhin
2016-08-29Update to upstream 0.4.6Florian Bruhin
2016-05-29Update to upstream 0.4.5Florian Bruhin
2016-03-31Update to upstream 0.4.4Florian Bruhin
2016-03-30Always ask user to navigate to admin interface after upgradeFlorian Bruhin
2016-03-29Remove ENABLE_INSTALL from install-fileFlorian Bruhin
2016-03-29Update to upstream 0.4.3Florian Bruhin
2016-02-29Update to upstream 0.3.5Florian Bruhin
2016-01-14Add patch for PHP7 compatibility.Florian Bruhin
2014-09-06baikal: packaging fixesFlorian Bruhin
2014-09-02Package baikal properlyFlorian Bruhin
2014-08-19baikal: Don't alter permissionsFlorian Bruhin
2014-05-10Add php-sqlite as optdepends to baikalFlorian Bruhin
2014-02-20Add baikalFlorian Bruhin