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2022-01-04Update .SRCINFOCarol Schulze
2022-01-04Change the URL to point to the github repo instead of our websiteCarol Schulze
2021-08-05Update versionCarol Schulze
2021-05-18update versionMatthew McGinn
2021-05-17bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-05-10bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-05-07bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-27bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-21bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-16bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-14bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-12bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-08bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-07bumpMatthew McGinn
2021-04-07bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-04-05bump versionMatthew McGinn
2021-03-24bump to 12.43.0Matthew McGinn
2021-03-22bump to 12.42.2Matthew McGinn
2021-03-19bump to 12.42.0Matthew McGinn
2021-03-17bump to 12.41.3Matthew McGinn
2021-03-11npm 7 not yet supportedMatthew McGinn
2021-03-10bump to 12.40.4Matthew McGinn
2021-02-24update version to v12.40.2Matthew McGinn
2021-02-23update version to v12.40.1Matthew McGinn
2021-02-10update version to v12.40.0Matthew McGinn
2021-02-08update version to v12.39.1Matthew McGinn
2021-02-04update version to v12.39.0Matthew McGinn
2021-02-04update version to v12.38.10Matthew McGinn
2021-02-04update version to v12.38.9Matthew McGinn
2021-01-29update version to v12.38.8Matthew McGinn
2021-01-26update version to v12.38.7Matthew McGinn
2021-01-25update version to v12.38.6Matthew McGinn
2021-01-22update version to v12.38.5Matthew McGinn
2021-01-21update version to v12.38.4Matthew McGinn
2021-01-21update node dependency versionsMatthew McGinn
2021-01-19update version to v12.38.3Matthew McGinn
2021-01-19update version to v12.38.2Matthew McGinn
2021-01-15update version to v12.38.1Matthew McGinn
2021-01-15update version to v12.38.0Matthew McGinn
2021-01-14update version to v12.37.2Matthew McGinn
2021-01-06update version to v12.37.1Matthew McGinn
2021-01-04bump to 12.37.0Matthew McGinn
2020-12-24update version to v12.36.1Matthew McGinn
2020-12-23update version to v12.36.0Matthew McGinn
2020-12-21update version to v12.35.3Matthew McGinn
2020-12-16bump to 12.35.0Matthew McGinn
2020-12-11update version to v12.33.1Matthew McGinn
2020-12-11update version to v12.33.0Matthew McGinn
2020-12-11update version to v12.32.2Matthew McGinn
2020-12-10update version to v12.32.0Matthew McGinn