AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2024-03-24bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2024-01-15bump to version Jacocks
2023-10-14bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2023-10-03bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2023-09-01bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2023-08-30change package for harmony fontAlexander Jacocks
2023-08-24bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2023-07-19pump release to 1.7 public beta 2Alexander Jacocks
2023-06-18start fixing GCC13 issuesAlexander Jacocks
2023-06-11bump to current beta releaseAlexander Jacocks
2023-03-11bump to v01.05.00.60Alexander Jacocks
2023-01-19bump for V1.4.2 and add missing patchAlexander Jacocks
2022-12-27bump version to v1.4.1.52Alexander Jacocks
2022-12-16fix bad hashAlexander Jacocks
2022-12-16patchAlexander Jacocks
2022-12-16bump to new v1.4Alexander Jacocks
2022-11-30change patch for reworked CMakeListsAlexander Jacocks
2022-11-30bump versionAlexander Jacocks
2022-11-30initial releaseAlexander Jacocks